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Building an 'A' grade

5 Steps to earning in 'A' in P.E.

  1. actively & enthusiastically participate every day
  2. make up any missed days within 3 days of healthy return
  3. dress in full p.e uniform daily or get loaners if necessary
  4. begin each day with QUIET, active stretching
  5. complete all exercises

See complete grading policy for more details

JoAnn Davison

P.E. for Life!

It is the common goal of all our P.E. staff that we teach and exemplify the benefits of lifetime fitness.   I strive to give each student the tools to build and maintain a healthy life style.  Our avenues to reach this final destination are basic stretches, running, game playing, and core strength.  I encourage young and old to embrace these tools and commit to actively pursuing them!


I have a Bachelor's Degree from Humboldt State University in Physical Education.  I have been teaching for nearly 30 years, all as a tried and true Bulldog staff member.  I am married with 2 children.  My hobbies include reading, running, gardening, hiking, and baking, but teaching P.E. is my true calling.

JoAnn Davison Locker

See how you are doing in P.E.

Grades are updated every 2 weeks.  You can log onto School Loop  and find out exactly how you are doing in P.E.